World Food Championships

Pascal Aussignac and Club Gascon are delighted to be awarded first prize for 'Best Vegetarian Dish' at the recent World Food Championships in Dallas, Texas.

For the first round, a Club Gascon favourite of “Truffled Egg In The Nest,” earned a place in the finals with a 96.25 (out of 100) score based on Execution, Appearance and Taste (E.A.T.) One of the judges called it a “symphony of colors and flavors that captivated the eyes and the palate.”

For the final round, Pascal submitted “Aromatic Cashew "Faux Gras", Morels & Floral Textures” earning him top position with a score of 97.85.  Pascal and the Club Gascon team will return to Dallas in May 2024 with the aim of winning the World Food Championships' Grand Prize as well as £150,000.


"Vegetarian cooking is not just about abstaining from meat; it's about embracing the incredible diversity of plant-based ingredients and creating dishes that are a celebration of nature's bounty," 

(Pascal Aussignac)


We are delighted to offer guests a chance to try Pascal's winning dish priced individually and available with any lunch menu option during the month of December.

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